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Neelam (Sapphire)

8 to 11 ct

Panch Dhatu & Silver


1,000/ct basic

Neelam (Sapphire)

It is advisable to wear Blue Sapphire to curb the ill-effects of Saturn. Blue Sapphire also known as Neelam, Indraneel, Nelashma, Neelaratna, Neelamani, Shaniratna and Shanipriya is considered as the second most beautiful gemstone after Diamond. It is said that this gemstone can make its wearer successful and vice-versa.

Facts of Blue Sapphire

It is generally believed that if you put this gemstone in milk, the milk assumes the color. It is said that if this gemstone proves worthy to the wearer, he leads a happy life. But in ominous situation it can be a destroyer too.

Blue Sapphire for Rashi

It proves beneficial to the natives of Capricorn and Aquarius Zodiac. Those who are affected by the Shani Deva seven and a half year cycle (sadesati) are also advised to wear this gemstone.

Benefits of Blue Sapphire

By wearing Blue Sapphire, one gets rid of nightmares and becomes calm. Sapphire helps the wearer in being more knowledgeable, disciplined, humble and patient. It is also considered beneficial for the politicians as it increases the leadership quality. Those who are engulfed in problems should definitely hold Topaz.

Health Benefits of Blue Sapphire

According to Astrologers, Blue Sapphire is beneficial for the patients of Paralysis, bones, teeth and asthma. It also helps to get rid of diseases like plague and skin problems.

How to Wear Blue Sapphire

If you want to wear a Blue Sapphire Gemstone, wear it on Saturday after chanting the Saturn mantra. If you feel negativity after wearing this gemstone, then you must remove it. Lastly, do not wear this gemstone with other gemstones like Ruby and Pearl.