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Lehsunia (Cat's Eye)

8 to 11 ct

Ashta Dhatu & Silver


1,00/ct basic

Cat’s Eye represents the planet Ketu. It is also known as Lehsunia, Vaiduria, Cymophane, Chyrsoberyl. Its name has come from the similarity of its physical appearance with that of a cat’s eye. Its color is pale yellow.

Facts of Cats eye

It is recognized that to curb the bad effects of Ketu in their horoscope, one must wear this gemstone. Astrologers consider it to be an important gem. It is known to bring prosperity, wealth, comfort in the life of its wearer. But one must go through a trial period of few days to check whether it’s suiting the person or not.

Astrological Benefits of Cats eye

It saves people from poverty, impacts of evil spirits and mental imbalance. Astrologers believe that by wearing Cats eye gemstone, nightmares do not bother the wearer.

Health Benefits of Cats eye

According to Astrology, cats eye gemstone save its wearer from physical infirmity and increases eye vision. It is extremely beneficial for the asthma patients.

How to wear Cats Eye

Consult your astrologer before wearing this gemstone as it is a very strong gemstone indicating sudden results. One must wear this gem set in gold or silver ring on Monday. - See more at: http://astrology.raftaar.in/astro/gemstones/cats%20eye#sthash.nnwgDo1D.dpuf